Service Assurance

Star services build global

After years of development and accumulation, wanjia has formed a strong marketing capability.

Perfect sales service network excellent pre-sale and after-sale service

The company has a sales and service team of more than 2,500 people and more than 700 managerial and technical personnel, playing a key role in developing markets, serving customers and solving complex problems of engineering projects. The company adopts the direct marketing mode, focusing on self-established channels and achieving wide coverage of marketing network. At present, the market is segmented according to the domestic market, while actively expanding the overseas market. In the domestic and foreign markets, a total of more than 300 sales and service agencies.

Perfect logistics service system specialized warehouse logistics team

The company has a warehousing and logistics center that integrates warehousing, logistics and planning. Up to now, more than 30 warehouses have been set up in provincial capitals and municipalities across the country. With abundant inventory and rapid business efficiency, the length of order supply chain has been greatly shortened. In order to further improve customer satisfaction, the company launched a comprehensive logistics delivery service project in 2016, enabling customers to enjoy more efficient supply response speed and high-quality logistics delivery service business.

Mature information management system continues to improve business processes

The company is constantly committed to the upgrading of information management. In 2014, the company upgraded its core information system to the internationally leading Oracle Oracle system, leading the daily business processing into planning, process and systematization. In 2015, the OA r&d platform and BI business intelligence system were implemented to continuously enhance product r&d and data analysis ability and enhance overall competitive advantages.