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See you in Shanghai in 2021!

release date:2020-11-03 10:42:00traffic:3017

On November 1, the Curtain wall of China International Doors and Windows Expo came to a successful conclusion. During the four-day exhibition period, Nuwanjia booth received a large number of industry colleagues to visit and consult, countless wonderful scenes worth our repeated aftertaste.

As a "one-stop insulating glass sealing material supplier" with advanced technology and professional services, Nuwanjia has attracted many new and old customers to stop.

The professional and detailed explanation of the staff, so that customers have a further understanding of the product, the technical level of Nuwanjia technology also expressed great recognition.

By providing customers with professional products and services, Nuwanjia has not only improved production efficiency and comprehensive benefits for partners, but also provided the industry with advanced processes and technologies.

Although the exhibition has ended, the enthusiasm of Nuwanjia people has not faded. Everyone's attention and expectation will strengthen our steps towards the future. Nuwanjia thanks for your attention and company!