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Look for hollow high frequency welding aluminum bar, look for yingkou wanjia, look for sealant, or yingkou wanjia, look for butyl spacing bar, is yingkou wanjia. Wanjia warm, the most complete most professional insulating glass sealing material experts.

Our company is a professional enterprise engaged in insulating glass sealing materials, including heat insulating glass composite gaskets, butyl interval, warm edge interval, a two-component silicone sealant, high frequency welding aluminum spacing bar, hollow glass accessories, is to focus on an empty glass equipment research and development, production, sales for the integration of enterprises, the production of various series of products are one-time through the national glass inspection center.

特别是公司的拳头产品-丁基间隔条,他结合现今系统门窗的发展趋势,优化改良后推出的一款中空玻璃密封材料。其有效的改善了中空材料中产品形式单一、效果简单的问题,加强了原有丁基间隔二代节能性能,给予门窗新的活力和色彩,让系统门窗更多元化。 与密封材料配套的机器设热合辊压机、清洗机、打胶机、涂布机等也受到客户的一致好评。全体暖万佳人将一步步接近我们的目标--世界中空玻璃密封材料领导者,而公司的每一位员工,都会在公司这个朝气蓬勃、不断进取的现代化企业中,迅速成长!


Facing the future, genwanjia adheres to the goal of satisfying the needs of customers, strives for survival with quality, strives for development with reputation, builds China's top manufacturing industry chain, and builds first-class brand and team. Through the centralized integration of market behavior, the hierarchical integration of research and development resources, with the help of the company's scale and standardized operation, the existing resources are fully integrated to move towards a broader international enterprise growth space.

My company all staff will as always, with the exquisite product, the most sincere service and all walks of life friend mutual benefit mutually beneficial, hand in hand altogether creates the fine tomorrow!

Warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to visit our booth, inspect and guide.

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