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  • 2007-03

    Setup a factory!

  • 2011-04

    Yingkou kuirui machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Was established, formally towards the diversification of the group company.

  • 2013-05

    Yingkou wanjia technology development co., LTD. Set up!/p>

  • 2013-05

    The company developed the patented product successfully, the first generation butyl spacer came out. It went public in the same year.

  • 2014-05

    Yingkou wanjia aluminum industry co., LTD. Was established, is the largest aluminum production and processing base in northeast China.

  • 2014-11

    After several years of hard research, the second generation of butyl spacer is officially listed

  • 2015-06

    The establishment of the ministry of foreign trade and cooperation with alibaba, the world's first step.

  • 2016-05

    Liaoning wanjia import and export trading co., ltd. was established to provide customers with one-stop services through diversified sales.

  • 2016-07

    The largest silicone rubber production base in northeast China has been established with an annual capacity of 15,000 tons.

  • 2018

    Up to now, China's largest single-channel sealing production base, the largest two-channel sealing production base in the northeast, the national insulating glass sealing material collection battlefield. Every step is a qualitative leap, every step is a development across The Times, with The Times, we never stop!